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Heist-op-den-Berg is well known for its Sunday morning flea market. Germanic peoples in the 3rd and 4th century, Christianization followed. In the old days there was a marsh here. As can be appreciated from the artifacts shown at the regional museum on the city's main square, this area was already populated in prehistoric times. Pandoerenhoeve in Schriek, dating from 1624). Famous inhabitants edit See also edit References edit "Wettelijke Bevolking per gemeente op ". An old windmill, the last one in the Mechelen area, churches and chapels, and farms, many with their original water pumps, dot the landscape around the city. Burning hot ASS to Pussy at mountain with sea sight.

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Middle Ages, agriculture was driving the economy and several huge farming domains were built, some of which still subsist today (e.g., Wimpelhoeve in Wiekevorst, traces of which date from the 12th century, and. Soon after the, romans yielded this land to the invading. Hen willen ze een stem geven in hun campagne. Chapels in Hallaar and Itegem were built in the 12th century. During most of the. Duchy of Brabant, of which this whole area was a part. Heist-op-den-Berg (especially Itegem) also houses several castles, most of which are privately owned and therefore not open to the public. Today, the city is mostly a residential centre, which offers services to the surrounding communities.

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